Size Fits
Fits Waist (Inches) Fits Waist
#1 (XS) 28"-30" 71 - 76
#2 (S) 30"-32" 76 - 81
#3 (M) 33"-35" 82 -89
#4 (L) 36"-39" 91-99
#5 (XL) 40"-44" 100 - 112
#6 (XXL) 45"-50" 113 - 127

NEW Item!
What's Under Your Kilt?

The Underkilt was developed as a base layer kilt protector garment. It provides basic no-frills protection against cold and abrasion. It also extends the life of your kilt investment and saves you dry-cleaning costs. Its the perfect solution for added security, comfort, and warmth under your traditional, casual or modern kilt. The Underkilt insulates you from itchy wool, or coarse fabrics while saving your kilt from oils and bacteria from your skin. Designed for men, the tapered shape provides plenty of room for unrestricted movement. The Underkilt features a contoured double-stitched back seam and 1" black waistband. This is not your granny's skirt!

Earth-Friendly Natural Fiber: Made from extra-soft 100% US Grown Organic Cotton Jersey . (About the same weight and feel as a good quality T-shirt.). Pre-shrunk. Machine wash. Made in USA

Available anytime in non-dyed / non-bleached natural cotton color (light cream). Or order it in custom-dyed Black if you don't mind a short wait.

Two lengths available:

#13101 (19" Length)
#13102 (17" Length - shown)

Introductory Offer:
Buy 1 for $24
Or Get Three for Only $50 (US)

Easy ordering. Just send us an e-mail with your waist size and the number of Underkilts you wish to order, and we will send you a PayPal invoice. Visa, MC, and American Express Accepted. Once we receive confirmation of your payment, we will ship your order within a few days. Please allow an extra week for custom lengths. All our garments are made to order. Shipping charges will be added to your invoice.

- Shipping cost anywhere in US: $8.50

- Shipping cost to Canada: $12.00

- Shipping cost to UK: $15.50

CUSTOM LENGTHS: Need it a little longer or shorter?, just ask! We can make Underkilts to your specifications. (up to 26" for only $10 more per Underkilt).

Sorry, no returns on undergarments.

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